Big Girl Panties

Big Girl PantiesBig Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I normally don’t choose books like this, but was looking for an audiobook to listen to while at work and on my long commute to and from so thought this would be a light “read” which it was. I read a lot of the review of this book before “reading” it and saw a lot of people thought this was a fat shaming book and I have to say it didn’t come across that way at all for me. The story is a typical romance of girl meets boy and develops a crush on him. Holly is an overweight widow who meets a physical fitness trainer named Logan on a plane ride home from a trip. They have a conversation which leads to Logan feeling pity for the “fat girl” and offering to get her into shape by becoming her trainer.

Holly loses a lot of weight and Logan finds he is in love with Holly. Holly is a sad and insecure character but she is also a widow in this book so I expect her to be sad! Many overweight people (myself included) are insecure so that wasn’t something that bothered me with her character. Logan realizes that even though the outside package of Holly isn’t what he ever went for in the past he has fallen in love with Holly.

The sex scenes in this book are like a trashy romance novel and almost laughable due to the words used to describe the scene. It wasn’t a horrible story but it wasn’t great and not one I would recommend or read again. However, I don’t agree with other reviewers about this book bashing on fat people at all.

There were small pieces of the book that kept my attention which is why I have it 2 stars instead of one. To review the narrator of the audiobook, she did an excellent job.


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