Freeks by Amanda Hocking

FreeksFreeks by Amanda Hocking

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the cover of this book and the book description, so for these reasons I asked for and received an ARC of this book. Mara is the main character and she and her mother travel with a carnival/freek show. It is set in the 80’s (my favorite decade) and they arrive at a small town a former carnie worker told them would make them a lot of money, which they desperately needed. Many of the people traveling with them have special abilities such as reading minds or shooting fireballs from their hands. Mara meets a boy in town and instantly feels a connection with him, yet senses a danger about him as well. The story is a lot of back and forth between her and this boy Gabe as she sorts out her feelings for him. There is also an issue of some animal/monster acting the carnival workers at night. Is it a demon or a werewolf? No one is sure what this monster is at first and the attacks only grow worse each night.

I wanted to love this book but sadly I only just like it. It isn’t a book I would ever read again and while I liked the main character Mara, the story felt very bland and wasn’t that interesting. I still enjoyed the story for the most part which is why I give it 3 stars.

Freeks By Amanda Hocking is set to be published in early January 2017.

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