Book Box Review:The Bookish Box


I discovered The Bookish Box, which is a monthly subscription box for stylish bookworms (at least that is what the site says). I figured I would give it a try and ordered the October box. I want to be clear I paid for this box, this review is based on my opinions of the box. If I had been paid or given a free box (sadly neither happened) I would still give a 100% honest review. Since this is my first box review, I wanted to make that clear. I like many people look at others reviews before I purchase a lot of the time, so honest reviews are very important to me! My links are referral links.I always include links even if I give a negative review.

So here is the details on the box before I get to the unveiling.

  • You have multiple options for boxes: Jr & Unisex, Plus Size, Woman’s Size and All the Goodies but No Shirt. The reason for all the different boxes is based on your shirt size or to receive no shirt if you don’t want one. I like this, because I am a plus size lady and I love bookish shirts, however wouldn’t be able to wear an average size shirt, for this reason I ordered the Plus Size box.
  • Once you choose which box (if it is one of the ones that comes with a shirt) you then choose the box for your shirt size.
  • You then have the option to pay monthly (at the time of the post is $29.99), Prepay 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months.





I ordered my first box in September, but because I missed the September deadline, my first box didn’t arrive until this month. I have been so excited about this box and sadly must say  was so disappointed when I opened the box. Inside was a brown scarf, a soy candle, a bookmark and a t-shirt. As previously mentioned, I ordered the Plus-Size box, so I expected a Plus-Size t-shirt. If you are Plus size you know for example a shirt labeled XXL can fit VERY differently than a shirt labeled 2XL. Ordering the Plus-Size box I was supposed to get a Plus Size shirt but was instead sent a normal size larger shirt, not a plus size shirt. The shirt says “We read to know we are not alone”, but the way the lettering is placed on the shirt, when you first glance at it, it appears to say “We read we are alone”. So that was the first disappointment.

The Bibliophile candle didn’t smell bad but it didn’t smell good, the cardstock bookmark was cute and the scarf was dull and boring. I felt for $40 (was a little over $40 with tax and shipping) I expected something nicer and definitely expected a shirt that not only fit but made sense when someone looked at it the first time. This box was a huge let down and I will not be buying another one.

Paige’s Rating ★




If you want your own box, just click here!


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