Read with me Wednesday Children’s Book Reviews: Pinkalicious By: Victoria Kann



By: Victoria Kann

Paige’s Book Rating: ★★★

Pinkalicious is a little girl who really LOVES the color pink. One day she makes pink cupcakes with her Mother and eats too many of them and wakes up the next day to find her whole body is now pink! She is thrilled to find she is pink head-to-toe and even cries pink tears. Her parents are not so thrilled about this and her Mother takes her to the doctor and finds out her daughter has a rare case of Pinkititis!  Pinkalicious is put on a strict diet of green vegetables to get back to her normal (non-pink) self.

Here is the thing about this book, is it educational? No. Is Pinkalicious a bit of a brat who doesn’t listen when her parents tell her no? Yes. There are mixed reviews on this book. Some people think it is a terrible message for children about not listening to your parents and about vegetables being gross. I think it is just a harmless silly book that my daughter loves. I read it to her in a peppy high pitch voice that I feel Pinkalicious would have and my daughter gets a kick out of that. Not every book you read to your child has to have a lesson in it or be a serious story. I actually think there is a lesson in this book, when Pinkalicious continued to go against what her parents told her to do something bad happened. Pinkalicious loved being pink at first, but then it wasn’t so fun anymore.

As I said this is a silly read and my 3 year old seems to be aware of that. She hasn’t started turning down vegetables because of it or begging for pink cupcakes. The first time we read it I did discuss with her that Pinkalicious was not being a good girl when she didn’t listen to her Mommy and her Daddy and my daughter seemed to understand that. This is by no means a classic book, it is just a fun read and one that my daughter request frequently. There are multiple books in this serious including Purplicious, Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Aqualicious and Emeraldalicious. There are also other books about Pinkalicious as well. I have read the others to my daughter and neither of us found we cared too much for the rest of the series.

My 3 star rating for this book may surprise some but I rated it a 3 star because it is a great read-out-loud book and the silliness of it may have your child giggling. Sometimes we need a silly book to read with our child.

Happy Reading!




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